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I Can Do This, Power Through it

What is holding YOU back?

What is it that is bothering you? What’s holding you back from just going for it. The thought of being laughed at? The thought of failure? Maybe you’re actually afraid of accomplishing something you’ve never accomplished in your life?

Maybe it’s something you’ve identified with for so long, it’s a part of you. It owns you. It’s inherent in your being. The idea has soaked into your DNA, it’s been there so long. Sometimes it’s not the physical or the external.

Power through it. It’s right there in front of you and all you have to do is say,  “I can do this” and POWER THROUGH IT. Like the famous shoe company ad says, just do it. Get up off the couch, and go for it. Mom said you couldn’t do it. Prove her wrong. Your friends have a nickname for you that lets you know that’s who you are. Prove them wrong.

It’s just who I am.

Do you have that attitude that says, “this is just me, this is who I am?” I have great news for you. That is only an attitude. And it’s a bad attitude. You aren’t set in stone until the day you die. When someone says this is just who I am, you can tell they are stuck somewhere they don’t want to be, and ALL they have to do is power through it.

That “just” word. It diminishes the situation to something simple. No big deal, you have no control over it, so why try to change it. That means you’ve resigned yourself to the condition you are in. Broke, uneducated. unemployed, living in mom’s basement, depressed, unworthy, lazy. You have no control over your emotions, falling in love at the pop of a cork. Locked and loaded, ready to shoot your mouth off at the starting gun. Or hiding in the corner, lights out unable to move due to what your inner self is holding against you.

What is it that you have accepted?

Well, JUST power through it. Get a good hold of your bootstraps and pull. And then pull again. Start clawing. Get up off the couch. Do jumping jacks. Realize that YESTERDAY was the last day in your life that you are going to let ANYTHING or ANYONE hold you back. Take full control of what you really do have full control over. YOU!

Never ever ever let yourself take NO for an answer again. If one person will not give you what you need and deserve, find someone else who will. Go fill out an application. Then go fill out another one. Just power through it. Go out in the sunlight and take deep breaths. Soak in the fact that you are you, and NO ONE can take that away from you.

The ex got you down and in a corner? Realize they are your EX, they no longer own you, whether you have kids or a dog together, move on. If you are sitting there wanting them back, move on. They will only hold you back if YOU let them. Ignore them. Just power through it.

Depression got you down? Get up, get an exercise program going, Figure out which feelings you are turning inside of yourself to allow this depression. Depression may be clinically diagnosed, but more often than not, it’s a state of mind. Just power through it. Depression is emotions you haven’t let out.

Did you do something you feel bad about. Are you the victim of something you haven’t dealt with yet. Seriously, get some counseling if you need it. And power through it. Power through that counseling.

Just power through it.

For many years, Carol wanted to be a teacher. It took her a number of years to complete the required coursework, she just would NOT take no for an answer. She powered through getting a degree in education. Many people said you’ll never make it, you’re too old, the profession is filled. ONE person told her to never give up, do not listen to the naysayers. Fifteen years later, she has enjoyed fifteen years of being a teacher for middle school.

One of her fellow college students was too afraid to get off the education roller coaster to get out and get a position. She’s been passed over because she was TOO educated to enter the teaching field when she completed her schooling.

Steve powered through having no self-esteem after a number of failed relationships, without drugs. He joined a gym, starting forcing himself to go out and do things on his own, like going to the local coffee or bagel shop and eat breakfast in situ. He forced himself to join singles clubs and actually learned how to talk to singles of the opposite sex. He forced himself to go to college and accomplished get a degree in sciences. He powered through it.

Both of them just powered through it. No questions, no second guessing. Just power through it. Want to know how to get over not doing what you KNOW you need to do, or you’ve always WANTED to do? Just power through it.

The weightlifter knows he is going to get to the point he physically cannot lift any more weight. what does he do, he (or she) just powers through it. And he will get an extra 5 to10 pounds above his previous maximum. He just powered through it.


How many people do you know that just powered through it?

Abe Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Iyanla Van Zant, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Ronald Reagan, Jennifer Hudson, Liam Neeson.

Everyone you know that ever did ANYTHING. Just power through it! It is literally that simple! You say, sure, maybe to you, but I have this, this, and this going on. So does everyone else on the planet. Every baby in the world fell and fell before they walked. There was no discussion, there was only trying until success.

Our own voices are our own worst enemies. Power through it!

Your assignment this week, is to write down in the comments below, what it is you want to accomplish, and what is holding you back! If you want to be brief, that’s fine. But the more you can open up, the better you’ll be able to power through it.


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