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Wait for it… How To Get Over Procrastination

Putting Off Procrastination

I wait for it.  I put off anything I can until tomorrow.  If I do it today, it may slow me down or prevent me from doing something I absolutely need to do today.  So I am ready.  I am poised like a hungry tiger.  Something I NEED to do today should come along ANY MINUTE NOW!  I can DO this!  Give me that task!  It could be work!  It could be home related.  But I am primed for it.  I’m the MASTER of being primed for it.  I can hear myself roar and see myself jump at the task!  Ripping it to shreds, I’ll SHOW that urgency who is boss!

So, it’s ten o’clock, time for bed.  That was a good video game. Whew, nothing came along, I’m so good at this!  I’m going to be famous for being Johnny On The Spot!  Sure, I didn’t get the dishes done or that report I should have handed in, but I can do those things tomorrow if need be.  The truth is, I can do it and I am READY!

I got out of bed bright and early, I’m raring to go!  I can do the laundry later, I’ll just dig through this pile here and find something to wear.  I am ready to tackle the world!  I am wound tight like a Jaguar, ready to turn it on full speed!  I just have to wait for the time to shine!  First I’m going to sit down here and take a rest.

And I procrastinate.  Wondering why I NEVER get anything done.  The laundry, the dishes, the report.  I wonder why they don’t ever give me a good review, I’m always ready to jump on those little fires that come up!  Stomp that little flame out before it becomes a roaring inferno.  And so I wait.  No one else appreciates me.  They are the ones who hold me back.  It’s not my fault.  I’m ready with the fire extinguisher at the drop of a hat!

I guess I’m not in the right job or something.  It just doesn’t fit me.  I could go look for another one tomorrow.  I’ll do that, maybe put in an application and resume.  I should update my resume, I can do that tomorrow also, no hurry.   I could apply at some of these new companies, they need people who are Johnny On The Spot!

I need to get my car fixed first.  The brakes are squeaking and the oil needs changed.  I’ll do that next week.  First I’ll update my resume, then put in some applications.  Then get my car fixed.  Maybe I should go get groceries first, the cat has been out of food for a couple days.  Time to feed the little furr ball.  He only eats once a day.  That’s all I have time to feed him, what with all the fires I have to fight!

It’s been so busy lately, I don’t know how I have time to do anything!  I think I’ll take a quick break, get my thoughts together.  Make a plan to move forward.  But I need to call Mom.  I’ll call her first thing in the morning.


Sound familiar?

We’ve all done it at some point. Procrastination is our enemy.  And it’s one of the hardest things to get over.  It comes from viewing failures as flat out “nos” intead of, “find another way to get it done.”  It comes from being depressed, having no hope of getting out of the hole we’re dug into up to our necks.  IT DOES take presence of mind to first recognize it, and secondly to know we have control over it.

Step Number One 

Figure out what’s causing it.  Are we afraid of failing again?  Are we afraid of SUCCEEDING?  Have we run out of mental energy trying to fight the good fight?  Are we depressed over not receiving something we thought we very much deserved, such as a promotion?  Or worse yet, that unconditional love we expected from our former mate?

Procrastination really comes down to being a symptom of something else going on.  It could very well be our subconscious telling us something is unresolved, giving us a feeling of hopelessness.   Whether that is a previous relationship, whther we are overwhelmed by today’s society, or even our work situation.

Maybe it’s just the fact that we really DON’T know where we’re going with our work/home/social life.  Once again, turning to that journal and exploring what it is that’s holding us back, will help tremendously.  Pick up that journal and have a good heart to heart talk with myself.


Step Number Two

 Realize what the consequences are for not overcoming it.  We get up in the morning, and there is the pile of clothes.  What is it doing for us to leave it there?  And why do people shun us when we approach them in the top we wore day before yesterday?

What risk are we running with our health if we don’t wash the dishes? How long is the cat going to survive if we, the human in charge of it’s survival, don’t feed him regularly?   How long are we going to be gainfully employed when we miss a report deadline.

Step Number Three

Make the commitment to work past it.  Pick up ten items and throw them in the washer.  That in itself will help with the procrastination.  We did something to move past it.  We took a small step.  Commit to doing a task when it becomes evident.  When we are through eating, rinse the dish and put it in the dishwasher.  And pat ourselves on the back, EVERY time we do something now instead of later.

Step Number Four

The subconscious mind likes praise.  This is what we give it when we accomplish something today that we could have put off until tomorrow.  Through the self talk we reward ourselves!  I did it now, I didn’t wait!  Good job!  I am in control of my destiny and I just proved it.  I overcame my own unwillingness to take care of business NOW.  I deserve a break.  No, just kidding!  Get up, and go put in another load of wash!

That’s all we’re going to get, this isn’t the 12 step Alcoholics Anonymous program.  

Now do ME a favor, do not procrastinate about this, and write down ONE thing you’ve been procrastinating about below in the comments.  And then say to yourself, I will over come this!  Let us know!