Get Rid Of The Extra 10 Pound Poodle Stuck To Your Tummy.

Have you tried losing weight before, only to have it come right back? 

15 years ago after your last kiddo, (bless her heart, or his) you got away with calling it baby fat. 

Today, face it, you’re carrying around an extra 10 pound POODLE stuck to your tummy!  

There’s a way to help that, and no, it has nothing to do with running, squatting, leg lifting, shadow boxing or skipping 4 out of the 3 meals a day we all eat.

“My mother, bless her heart, struggled with her weight her whole life and was never offered anything to help with it.  The doctors always said get more exercise, eat less food.  

No, she didn’t have the energy or the time to get more exercise, she took care of us kids and had to work just like my dad to keep food on the table. 

And she ate like a bird.  She never had more than a few mouthfuls of dinner and sorry, Marie Antoinette, I never ever saw her eat cake.  It wasn’t her fault!” (From Susan, a good friend)

And it really isn’t your fault! 

Even though your mate may think it’s cute, you don’t.  

  • Doctors throw it back in your face like you have total control over it.  
  • The food manufacturers use twice as much fat and salt in their products as is healthy for ANYONE.
  • We’re all so busy nowadays just trying to make ends meet that we don’t have time to exercise.
  • And don’t get me STARTED on what the pandemic has done to our minds and bodies!

What does it do to you personally?

  • It slows you down.
  • It lowers your self esteem.
  • It makes you despise the fact that your hubby can suck down half a chocolate cake for desert, but you gain 2 pounds just smelling the salad before the meal.

You’ve been told you are the “F” word so many times it’s become your new mantra.  You’ve heard the comments people say behind your back, only they say them when you’re looking at them. 

Skinny people have no idea how hard it is to lose weight.  Your mate loves you, God bless him, but you can tell he’s not as attracted to your extra poodle tummy as he used to be.

So what do you do?  There IS some relief, and it MAY NOT work for you.  But you’ve come to the right place to find out.  AND it works overnight!

Ready to get rid of it? 

  • You’ll feel so much better.  
  • You’ll have energy finally.  
  • You’ll feel 10 years younger.  
  • You’ll be the talk of the party.  
  • You’ll be the one everyone wants to talk to, especially about how you became so slim.

Look for the FREE 1-Day Kick Start Detox Program to make you feel even BETTER! 

How will you feel when your Beau starts going crazy over your new body?    How will you feel when you can go HIKING without getting out of breath? How will you feel when all your friends start talking about how GOOD you look?


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